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HomeHP Pilot
Processing Solutions

Process Unit

Chromatography Unit

Chromatography Column

Low Pressure Prep Chromatography Systems

Slurry Tank

Buffer Mixing Unit

Filtration Unit

Application Support

HP Pilot

Product Features

Modular design, flow rate can be customized according to customers’ needs.

HP stainless pump head, high accuracy, small fluctuation, reliable performance, long run without break

Use standard variable wavelength (200-800nm) UV on-line monitor (or other monitor system) to get more separation information of samples and impurities. Use high quality deuterium lamp, the performance is reliable.

Powerful eight-channel gate valve for automatic collection, support full collection and peak collection

Full automatic software control, humanized graphical interface, easy to operate, powerful function.

Preparative flow cell, use advanced optical fiber technology. Adjust the optical path according to sample concentration, in order to optimize UV detection signals.

Technical Specifications

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